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 Kream Disposable, Welcome to your gateway to an elevated cannabis journey. Our passion lies in crafting top-tier cannabis vape disposables, featuring two exceptional product lines: Kream Disposable Live Resin and Kream Disposable Liquid Diamonds.

What Are Kream Disposable Liquid Diamonds?

Kream Disposable Liquid Diamonds are a true gem in the world of cannabis. Liquid Diamonds are made using a specialized extraction process that crystallizes cannabinoids, resulting in a product that is exceptionally pure and potent. Experience the clarity and potency of Liquid Diamonds with Kream Disposables.

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// Live Resin + Liquid Diamonds //

High Quality

Our premium cannabis disposable, embodies excellence through meticulous craftsmanship, superior ingredients, and an unrivaled commitment to delivering exceptional quality.

Free Shipping

We offer free deliveries for orders above $400. Save up to 10% on bulk orders. Save up to 20% on bulk orders. We offer discounts on bulk orders up to 150 off.

Anti-leak, discreet

No mess, no stress, no leak, won't burn. Thanks to an intelligent button design with heat ID to recognize your oil type and personalize Temp change adjust.


Our Happy Clients

Kream has to be one of the best Cannabis Disposables i have had. Received it as a gift from a friend and had to buy from this website to try them again.
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kelly Monrow

What Are Kream Disposable Live Resin?

Kream Disposables Live Resin offers an unparalleled cannabis experience. Our live resin is extracted from fresh, hand-picked cannabis plants, preserving the plant’s natural essence. With Live Resin, you’ll enjoy the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, providing a robust flavor profile and potent effects.

Are Kream Disposable Carts Real?

Absolutely. We take pride in the authenticity and quality of our products. Kream Disposables carts are made with genuine, carefully sourced cannabis extracts. We believe in transparency and proudly display lab results on our Kream website, so you can be confident in the legitimacy of our offerings.

Live Resin Products

// ultra pure // tested & clean // cali fresh // vegan // single source //

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